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How to treat multiple neurofibromas?

Q: I have got multiple neurofibroma which i comfirmed by FNAC four years back,mostly it developes in muscular parts in symetrical positions, some of them are as old as 15 years, in 2to 3 years time I found few increased in size a little,please advice me what should i do in my diet or any other pratices to check it , i want to know the characterstics of this deases, what danger it can put in future. i do shift duty in a power plant. Is it harmful to the disease?

A:In all probability, the neurofibromas noted by you will persist and grow slowly in size but are unlikely to cause any further distress. Dietary changes are not known to affect the progress of these swellings. Working in a power plant is not likely to worsen the disease. A word of caution: Some patients with swellings such as those you have may develop similar swellings on the nerves by which we hear (the eighth cranial nerve). If you should notice any progressive difficulty in hearing or continuous abnormal sound in an ear (tinnitus), please seek the guidance of an ear surgeon.


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