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How to regularise the menstrual cycle after a miscarriage?

Q: I had a miscarriage three months back but because I am overweight, the bleeding did not start immediately. I consulted my doctor who said it will take a week or so for the bleeding to start. Gradually the bleeding started in very small amounts. My husband and I had intercourse which we should not have. Now my problem is that its been over a month and I have not yet got my periods. After my miscarriage I have not got periods at all and this is really upsetting my system. I did doubt that I am pregnant once again but I did a home pregnancy test which came negative. In fact I did the test 4 times in 10 days and all times it was negative. What should I do, is there some medicines that I should take in order to start my cycle? My menstrual cycle is for 28 days and its been almost 40 days now. I did have some discharge last week with some blood spots, which went on for a week but it was just spotting. Please suggest what I should do since I am really depressed. I feel very bloated feel I am putting on weight due to this. Is there any chance that the home pregnancy tests might be showing false negative?

A:Sorry about your miscarriage. There are many different ways to go about regulating your periods but it should be done under the supervision of a physician. I would hate to suggest medicines over Internet. I guess the first step will be to confirm that your uterus was completely evacuated. That can be done with an ultrasound. It is not unusual to have irregular periods after a miscarriage. But if the amenorrhoea continues, you should see your doctor to get started on some hormone pills. There is no need to get depressed. Just start watching your diet (avoid fatty, starchy high carbohydrate foods) and start exercising. That will help you with your weight and mood both.


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