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How to pinpoint the date of conception in case of irregular periods?

Q: Dear doctor, I got married in Dec - 2001. Before marriage I had a problem with my periods i.e. I always had them 6-7 days late. After marriage it continued for 5-6 months but got normal by 2-3 days. Now again I am facing the same problem, I got my periods on 24 July, then 30 August (gap of 6 days); and next was 18th October (which is really a big gap of 18 days). Please suggest what should I do? I have heard about PREG COLOR CARD - HOME PREGNANCY TEST, which can detect pregnancy even on the first day of missed period but in my case when should I check about my pregnancy - according to my last date 18 october? When should I use this in the month of November. Could you please help me and tell the date for testing pregnancy? I will be really greatful to you. Thanks. Mamta

A:Periods can be irregular due to hormonal imbalance. You should be investigated and examined before starting on any treatment. With irregular periods timing of ovulation is not certain so time of conception cannot be accurately pinpointed.


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