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How to overcome stress

Q: How to relieve from stress and how to overcome the fear when i am speaking in a group of people eg. in office.

A:Stress is a contributor to mental anguish and fear. You should prepare and consolidate your thoughts before speaking to a group of people. To relieve your stress you may follow certain stress management skills:1. Relaxation skills like yoga may be helpful in managing stress and reducind maladaptive behaviour patterns. 2. Self observations of antecedents of events, behaviour response to the events and consequences. This self-observation makes an indiviual aware of how to change behaviour to more effectively manage stress. 3. Cognitive restructuring helps to develop rational responses that represent a more accurate and helpful thinking response to situations. 4. Time management methods that may help to restore a sense of balance to your life. 5. Problem solving involves implementing the best solution after analysing problematic aspects of a stressful event.We hope these stress management skills which have been discussed briefly may be helpful to you in relieving stress.


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