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How to manage worn out teeth?

Q: The enamel over the right-hand side molar teeth has worn out causing pain in chewing food, and a feeling of cold when drinking even cool water. I am brushing my teeth with my index finger using Thermoseal toothpaste as advised by my dentist. Kindly advise me if any artificial enamel application is there or not. Any other remedy? The use of Thermoseal paste has, of course, given me lot of relief. But I cannot chew hard on that side.

A:As per your description, I can make out that enamel is worn due to faulty tooth brushing. I suggest you to first change your brush to very soft, the brushing movement should be from teeth to gum side i.e. downwards for upper teeth and upwards for lower teeth. But remember you should clean all three surfaces of teeth namely outer side, chewing side and inner side. This kind of enamel wear can be treated by filling with a tooth coloured material and in some cases with crown, etc. Meanwhile you get this treatment done, keep applying the same paste but leave it for about 15 minutes on that surface and then rinse. If this is done twice daily, I am sure you will not have sensitivity.


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