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How to manage uncontrollable feelings?

Q: I am a 26 year old dentist. My problem is whenever I start studying, I get different thoughts which I can't control. I laugh myself, get rage and talk to myself. After some time, I control myself but it starts again. I involve myself as a person in those thoughts and talk, laugh and get rage, anger depending on the situation. When I was doing internship, I contacted a psychologist and he said I have ruminations. He prescribed me Serta (sertraline, SSRI). I am preparing for the PG exam and this has a become a problem. Please advise.

A:From the nature of the problem you are describing it is clear that you are in need for professional help. For conditions such as yours you need to consult a team of a psychiatrist and a psychologist. The psychiatrist will evaluate the need for medication and the psychologist will be able to help you learn better ways of coping with these difficulties. There are some simple techniques that will help you to focus away from the ruminations like relaxation therapy and distraction techniques. Regular treatment shall help you significantly.


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