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How to manage stress and anxiety at the workplace?

Q: These days one reads a lot about `Burning out of Executives due to continuous stress experienced in their day to day working. I also find myself chasing deadlines almost continuously. More often than not these are very tight. Adrenaline did flow, I felt energetic and the critical jobs were executed in time till I was 47-48. Thereafter things started getting difficult ( I am nearing 52 now) , I feel drained out and feel lack of concentration. The job I do involves conceptualisation of complicated electrical wiring schematic drawings running into hundreds of pages. Lack of concentration experienced, specially after my turning 50, makes my job difficult to handle at times. Quite frequently I feel a desire to break free and run away to the beautiful nature, far away on the hills. The job pressure,however, makes taking long leaves impossible. All this causes more stress. My sleep is also getting disturbed. Do I fall in the category of Burnt Out Executive? Is this process reversible i.e., is there any healing of the burning possible while on the same job? Your kind reply will be much appreciated.

A:Assuming there is no non-work cause for your fatigue and difficulty concentrating, you do sound burnt out on the job. However, if you are having personal difficulties with family or friends causing stress and depression or anxiety, you must consider this as a possible cause for your symptoms. I cannot make a diagnosis on the basis of your well-written letter, but a depressive and /or anxiety problem may merit consideration, the cause of which may be burnt out on the job. A consultation with a psychologist or psychiatrist may help you define the cause; then a possible solution may follow.


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