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How to manage severe toothache?

Q: She is suffering from toothache for the last three years and had been treated by many doctors but with no relief. In the x-ray, four wisdom teeth can be seen but doctor says we cannot remove it because she is only eighteen. It is too early and no surety she may be having some pressure on the nerves. She is advised to take alprax for one month which she has been taking for one week still no relief. This pain is affecting her studies. She had fillings, gum cleaning, gum surgery and what not, which was not required as the last doctor we visited told us. Please advise.

A:The question seems to be unclear but still I can make out that the problem lies with the third molars or the wisdom teeth. If the wisdom teeth are impacted and do not have adequate space to erupt then they require extraction. For extraction, age is not a problem. Only patient should be otherwise medically fit. However if the X-ray shows that the space is adequate and only pain is there, it can be due to inflammation of the gums over the teeth. This is a common problem in 18-25 years of age group. This does not require surgical intervention and keeping this area clean would help. Very mild analgesics can be given to relieve the pain. Alprax is a calming medicine so it should not be given for longer duration.


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