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How to manage schizoprenia?

Q: My mother had a certain mental illness after she returned from a spiritual camp far a week. She is 43 yrs old.After a week after she returned, she started behaving awkwardly. She started saying that god had entered her, and her acts were acts of god. She would shout, scream, smile without reason etc.We consulted a doctor who put her on medication on medicines like SERENAC 1.5, Pacitane etc.She now claims that she is alright and sometimes refuses to take medication. but the day she does not take medicine she shows the sign of the same behaviour like smiling, talking to herself etc. Can you tell me what extra we can do so that she recovers faster. My mothers mother ie my grandmother also had similar mental illness.I am an 18yr old male.Can you also tell me if me or my sister who is 13 now are prone to this illness?

A:Your mother is probably suffering from schizoprenia. One favour you can do to your mother is take her regularly to the psychiatrist, give her drugs as advised and discuss the problems you have with him. Otherwise your mother may never recover from this illness. This can be transmitted to children and there is 12% chance of children developing this disorder.


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