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How to manage difficulties in relationship?

Q: I am a 23 years old girl in love with 27 years old boy for the last 4 years. We faced many ups & downs in our relationship but finally decided to settle down. My parents are against our marriage and we need time till next year. Now suddenly I am scared and fear losing him. For the last 15 days I am feeling unwell and am unable to sleep with my BP going down to 60 mm. I also have anaemia and a phobia that nobody cares for me. I can't work and feel I'll go mad. I am alone at home and feeling depressed & weak and worry about my future. For the last two days I'm concentrating on my diet and feel better but not fine. Kindly suggest what should I do?

A:Unless you stop worrying, things will get worse. Pull yourself together and decide to be a strong young woman. Nobody, not even a man who loves you, will want a weak and anaemic companion. Concentrating on your nutrition is a good idea. Gradually increase your intake and eat healthy foods, like fresh fruits, salads and milk products. The next thing to do is to occupy your mind. Read books and magazines of your interest, which are in good taste. Do some of the house work at least. It is relaxing and makes your living place pleasant. I am not clear why you are all alone in your house. Anyway, the best way of getting over ones own problems is to think of actively helping others. Visit old persons in your neighbourhood and spend some time doing something for them, like going to the Post Office or helping them with their shopping. If you have a religious upbringing, compose yourself and say your prayers regularly. Keep calm. It is a moral duty to be healthy and happy. Self pity does not bring friends. Sometimes a problem of the kind you have can be handled only by not thinking about it all the time. Thats the best advice I can give you.


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