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How to manage anxiety disorder?

Q: For the last 6 years I have been suffering with some kind of neurosis. The symptoms are that I am unable to concentrate, unable to make eye contact while talking with people, unable to remember things and behave completely absent minded. I am never relaxed and my mind is completely restless. I unable to talk to people for more than one minute. I feel very nervous and avoid eye contact. This happens even with my friends and known people. I am always feeling on the edge of the seat. I have been doing things fast and even talking also. My mind is always completely filled with some kind of junk thoughts. Its never relaxed. Even while I am working on computer or some other thing, my mind keeps of thinking. I am unable to completely concentrate on the work at hand. From my child hood I have been very shy and unable to make new friends. I have been living away from my house for the last 13 years. Still I don't have any good friends other than my child hood friends. Please let me know what I am going through and is there any solution for this problem? This is affecting my life very badly. I am not at all happy with my life.

A:Your symptoms are consistent with a common problem - an anxiety disorder. This is one of the commonest problems treated by psychiatrists. In addition to being generally anxious to the point of having trouble concentrating, it gets worse when you are with people. We call this a social phobia; fear of social situations. It doubtless explains why you have trouble making eye contact and meeting new people. Your condition is very treatable. Some psychiatrists treat your condition with a prozac type of medication. Psychologists and social workers usually prescribe practicing new behaviours, prescribed in some detail by the therapist. This treatment, usually called cognitive therapy, is highly effective, as is the medication. Both can be combined, for an even better result. Do not despair, you can be treated successfully and get the life you want.


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