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How to manage an aggravated case of obsessive compulsive disorder?

Q: I am 27 years old. I have developed several types of OCD in recent years. I have visited two Neuro-psychiatrists but it did not help. I am suffering from very deep analysis of transportations of dirt, germs, imaginary objects and subsequently severe washing of hands, body parts and all things that I touch after being touched by some objects. For example, I went to the market and purchased some articles from a store. I gave a currency note to the shop keeper, she calculated the prices, told me the sum and while she was returning the balance, she felt some itching in her anus and she put her hand inside her trousers and wiped herself and returned the balance to me. Now my strange thoughts started to emerge. I imagined some particles and smell attached to the note. I took the note by my right hand, put it in my wallet, took articles purchased in my hands and opened my car with my right hand. Until this point I had touched the articles with my left hand too. I felt the particles were received by both hands and of course by the wallet too. I drove back home, unlocked the door started washing. I washed my hands for about 10 minutes, my wallet, all articles, my car steering, car keys, car door and all switches of the car. I even washed the house keys and locks. All this took about 2 hours of severe washing. How can I overcome this? Medicines have never helped me as they only suppressed the desire for some time.

A:It is important for you to realise why your treatment has not been helpful or successful. Is it possible that appropriate follow up has not taken place or that you may have discontinued treatment too soon or in this case shifted doctors too soon? In this regard you must also realise that visiting a psychotherapist or a clinical psychologist for your problem may be a better first step. I also suggest that simultaneously it is important for you to think of what has aggravated this behaviour and when did it begin? Did it suddenly occur or have you always had a tendency to feel that some germs or infection is being transported? An important aspect may be to see if any other member in your family has such behaviour or thoughts. Visit a psychologist and be patient as far as treatment is concerned. And as far as suppressing the desire is concerned you will require immense resolution to abstain from acting upon your thoughts.


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