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How to manage a violent psychiatric patient?

Q: I have a serious problem regarding my mothers nature. She is very violent by nature. She speaks a lot and while speaking she speaks so bad words that it is intolerable by anybody to handle her. By this attitude my father has been so much embarrassed by our family members and other relatives. Due to this behaviour of hers he has thought many times of committing suicide but just due to we three children he is alive. Sometimes she would behave so normal with some people especially with her own parents and her own family members that no one trusts us when we try to tell them she is too bad with my grandmother. I feel sometimes that my mother can kill her and my father too. My father is a very simple man having a very good business. He loves his mother and us a lot. Lot many times I have explained her the same and my brother has tried a lot with all means but all in vain. She has a habit of talking to herself in that way she will speak bad words to all of us and all family members. She grinds her teeth that shows her violet anger. I don't have words to express you her nature. Nowadays she has moved to the religious side but again the effect has gone reverse. Whole day she will go to temples, not cook food, no cleaning nothing. Our house is just ruined. We asked her to show to the doctor but its just not possible. She would come on roads or would kill somebody. Please help us by giving us suggestions. My brother is not able to concentrate on his studies. Many times we have hit her but then she becomes so aggressive that now this also doesn't work. I really feel pity on my father. She doesn't have any love for her children too. Please help us.

A:The procedure is that with a written consultation of the family for eg. (parents or husband) given in writing to a psychiatrist, the patient can be hospitalised. The psychiatrist in turn takes the consent of another qualified psychiatrist, so a written opinion of two qualified psychiatrists are required for admission to any private hospital in India. In case of admission to a government hospital in India, the Local Metropolitan Magistrate needs to be given an application by the family members. The magistrate will order the local police or the family for the admission of the patient on the grounds of involuntary behaviour.


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