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How to increase emotional stability?

Q: My problem is that I am emotionally unstable. Even to the extent that whenever my colleague shouts at somebody close to me, I get affected. I am not able to speak / argue confidently with my own colleague because of fear of getting wrong and shot back. This is badly affecting my working life also. I fear this may lead to health problems also. Please suggest for improving my EQ.

A:Let me begin by saying that what you are experiencing is not a disease. It is a common complaint that many people face. A lot of ones emotional reactions stem from how one perceives a situation. It is possible that you have negative thoughts about specific events like "I can not cope" or "I can not defend myself" that may lead to this heightened anxiety that you are complaining about. In such conditions the best option is to recognize your thought processes and replace your negative thoughts with rational ones. This may be difficult at times and you feel that you are not being able to deal with these issues you may consult a psychologist. Another set of techniques that will be helpful for you is to learn to be more assertive. A psychologist can help you with all these.


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