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How to improve my concentration in studies?

Q: I feel restless as the exam approaches. I do not feel comfortable while studying. I am a retentive person and get bored when I take a book in my hand. Please give the effective solution so that I can concentrate more on my studies.

A:The problems faced by you are not uncommon, but they can prove to be a hindrance in effective study. Restlessness during studying could be a sign of anxiety and fatigue, but it could also be due to wrong posture, lack of interest, or presence of distraction in the environment. Since you also mention boredom, it is possible that you need to make some changes in your study environment and habits. Try the following suggestions: a) Make a realistic study schedule, incorporating sufficient rest periods. b) Alternate easy with difficult subjects, boring with interesting ones. c) Choose a specific place to study, which should be free of distractions like telephone and television. d) Use a table and chair and ensure good posture and good lighting. e) If you are not able to concentrate, take a break and then come back refreshed. f) Plan short term targets for yourself. g) Reward yourself for successful study periods.


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