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How to I discourage my husband from indulging in cyber sex?

Q: I am 32 years old married woman. My problem is very peculiar and is regarding my husband. My husband worked away from his parent's home (at 22) but got married at the age of 36. He had a late marriage due to many reasons like sister's marriages, choice of girls etc. I discovered that he likes watching porn sites on the net and indulges in cyber sex by chatting to other women on dating sites. He is much too involved in such erotic talks. After coming home from office, he sits in front of the computer and asks not to be disturbed and till late night he using the web cam too. Please advise how I can handle such a situation because in his eyes there is nothing wrong and it is just a time pass and pleasure for him. His sexual desires are fulfilled by this. I am getting insecure and irritated by this kind of sexual satisfaction from other women because I am not getting 100% from him but just a piecemeal attention as I too think that it is a kind of infidelity. How can I change my attitude if I am wrong or change his behaviour? Without hurting his ego, I want him to get rid of alcoholism and cyber sex?

A:Cyber sexuality has risen in the last decade, and what you have mentioned is not an exclusive problem you are facing. I am of the opinion that you need to talk to him directly about this, in terms of how you feel and what it does to you. As for the style of sexual gratification he gets, it depends on each individual, and most couples need to be able to have a mutually acceptable relationship. Talking to an expert would help.


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