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How to handle teenage blues?

Q: What is teenage blues and how to tackle it in my son aged 16? Please reply in detail.

A:Teenage or adolescene has been described by some researchers as a period of storm and stress. It is at this time that a child undergoes so many physical and psychological changes that it may become troublesometime for not only the child but the parents as well. Frequent mood swings, secretiveness, tantrums, change in food habits, streak of independence, all may combine to what may be termed as teenage blues. You need to understand that though it is stressful, it is almost a universal period that all adolescents and their close ones go through. And equally universally, most parents and their children come out unscathed during this period. It is a phase of growing up that different teenagers may experience differently, which also means that the ways to tackle it also varies from one child to another. Give your son some time and privacy. Treat him like his age and realise the fact that he is not a child anymore. Take his opinions and advice with respect. Talk to him more often and if he does not seem to appreciate that just let him know that you are there to help him in case he needs you. Though most teenagers do not seem to have much need for their parents anymore, they definitely crave for their approval and appreciation, though they might not be able to show it. Relax the restrictions on him somewhat, though not to the extent that there are no limits at all. For example, if the bedtime had priorly been 9:00 p.m, it could now be relaxed to say 10:30p.m. Try to know his peers and friends by inviting them over to your house. If he does not seem too keen on that, leave it for the time being and try again after a while. This will not only send him the message that you still care about his life and the people in it, but will also help you to know what company he keeps and whether he is not being led into wrong company. This is a period of uncertainity and friction between children and their parents. Rest assured that it will pass and that your child will be a grown adult by the time that it does. So love him and be there for him and do not worry too much. Good luck!


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