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How to handle behavioural disorders?

Q: I have a peculiar problem I feel I am a sex maniac, whenever I get into a crowded vechicle, bus train etc. I try to touch and press the buttocks of girls , if there is a chance. I am 21. Whenever I had wanted to touch ,I have got the chance , no body has ever reacted ,now I am afraid to go with my parents a function like marriage etc. where I might behave like this, I am depressed, I want to get rid of this immediately please help me.

A:It is good and important that you recognise this as a problem. The various possibilities for this impulse and the behaviour needs to be understood by evaluation. It is best done by a consultation in person. I suggest that you consult a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist in your city. If you have any difficulty in locating one or identifying one, please ask your family to obtain help from your family physician to find one. I think it should be possible to identify the cause of your problem, which may be a diagnosable psychiatric disorder or a passing phase phenomenon of young age.


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