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How to deal with psychiatric and personality disorders?

Q: There is no correlation between what this person says and what he actually does. He lies for the silliest things and seems not to be in touch with reality. One moment he claims he will not talk to somebody from that moment and the next moment he calls the person and talks to him. His mood swings from violent anger to submission, that too in a very short span to time. What is the reason for this behaviour and how to deal with this person and correct him? His behaviour is causing a lot of problem to the family and everyone connected with him.

A:It seems that you wish to ask about someone you know and yet the description you provide is so limited that it is difficult to provide any concrete advice. The kind of emotional changes you describe can occur in some psychiatric disorders, in personality disorders, as part of personality profile, or in severe adjustment problems. Please seek a consultation person with a mental health professional in your town/city or write in with more details please.


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