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How to deal with my mother-in-law who has a behavioural problem?

Q: I have tried to get full time help for my 65 years old mother-in-law but she didn't want her in the house so she started abusing and beating her. She used to wake her up in the middle of the night and ask her to take milk for my husband. She gave her and us a terrible time. When we consulted her doctor, he suggested that we should let the help go. Presently, I have a maid who comes only to help us with cleaning of the house etc. The maid comes in the morning only for an hour. However, she has started troubling this maid also by saying that she robs things from the house. Under these circumstances, it is really difficult to keep any full time help and put her life in danger. Please advise me how to deal with all this as it is hampering my health. I am developing swelling in my left foot and my blood pressure has gone up too. Kindly help.

A:It seems your mother-in-law has lot of behavioural difficulties with paranoia, treating this symptom with help of anti-psychotic medication and behavioural therapy would help. For this you need a good psychiatrist and a therapist. Ask your doctor to refer you to some one, who can help. Family therapy would be another way to go and for your self see a therapist and take stress buster steps, like physical and mental exercise, drinking adequate fluids and eating balance diet, indulging in creative activity etc.


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