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How to deal with mental stress and tensions?

Q: I need your help. I have a very stressful personality. I get easily hurt, even by minor things. Two years ago,I had depression & insomania and was in the hospital for 18 days. After discharge, I am still taking the following medicines - Amlodipine 5 mg, Vitamin B complex and recently started Loastatin 20 mg for my high cholesterol. Now I am having insomnia again and am deeply depressed. Before Diwali, I attended a family wedding. Seeing the jealous, selfish and envious behaviour of some of the relatives has made me physically and mentally ill. Infact my husband is suggesting that I should not attend any more weddings in our extended family as he feels it may lead to a nervous breakdown. Infact, earlier I was hospitalised after attending a marriage of one of the nieces from my husbands side. Further, I wish to tell you that my father had Parkinsons disease but this was diagnosed only when he was bed-ridden and well in to his nineties. Is Parkinsons disease hereditary and is there any prevention or we can only treat it after it is diagnosed? I would be grateful if you could guide me to good health and happiness. I need your help.

A:I understand from your description that you have physical health problems, as well as a psychiatric disorder which has been treated to some extent. In addition you also seem to have psychological issues of the period of growing up and now it is difficult for the person concerned and/or the treating professional in such instances, to decide if the psychological issues are getting coulored by or mixed with the symptoms and the manifestations of the psychiatric disorder. On the other hand, the overlap between the symptoms of the psychiatric disorder and the physical illness can also be difficult to differentiate. As such, one of the things to do will be to obtain regular help from a competent psychiatrist,possibly in joint management with a competent physician. Parkinsons disease does have genetic basis, but the mangement does not differ based on that. It is often associated with depression and psychollogical adjustment problems also. Do not lose heart. Help is possible and can be useful in achieving a comfortable life style even with the illnesses and health problems. Effective management and your sustained efforts will be crucial, and so please do your best and I am sure that your current distress will be reduced.


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