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How to deal with jealousy and mood swings?

Q: I am a jealous person in my relationship, mainly I think because of my Dad leaving us when we were younger for another woman. I have a child of 3 and am currently in my second relationship but not with the childs father. I don't know if any of this is relevant but I need to know if I am crazy, or need help. My current partner is very out going, loud and loves always having people around him, other than just me. I feel we don't have any time together and we do go out with other people I become jealous and moody if he starts to talk to women for a long period of time. I just feel very alone in the fact that people think I am moody and maybe I am but I cant help the way I feel and it drives me mad. We have got to the point in our relationship now where if I don't go and see someone thats us over with. How can I sort this problem out? Should I see someone or can you recommend any books?

A:Books will not provide enough help for your problem; you - and the man you are with - need to see a couples counsellor or a marriage counsellor, even if you two are not legally married. Fear of abandonment is common in persons who have been left by a parent when young, and jealousy is often the way that the fear expresses itself. Working with a counsellor may help you and the man in your life to listen better to each other, and thus be better able to be loving and reassuring.


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