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How to deal with homesickness?

Q: How do we define homesickness and what are the symptoms of homesickness? If we feel something bad and that depresses you, is it a part of it? What is the remedy for that? I am writing this mail from US. Please answer this question.

A:Homesickness is a very natural feeling that one experiences on moving to a new environment which includes a new place, new people and loss of familiarity and security. Many people feel homesick when they leave home to go out and study as may be in your case. Homesickness may include feelings of sadness, yearning and sometimes even mild depression. However, it is different from depression in the sense that the person does not dislike everything but only the new place and tends to remember only the good things about home and the earlier routine. Do not worry. Give yourself some time to get used to the new surroundings. Make new friends and socialise with people. The more you get familiar with the new lifestyle, the less likelier you are to miss your home. Time is the best medicine for homesickness. Goodluck!


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