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How to correct sensitive and painful tooth?

Q: My 7th tooth (left lower jaw) was painfully sensitive to pressure last week. I went to the local dentist who treated me for infection and put me on antibiotics and pain killers. Getting no relief for 10-days, he made a bore in the tooth and started root canaling and temporary filling. The pain started again yesterday. I went again to the doctor who did re-dressing but pain is very severe from yesterday. I had a capsule of proxyvon (painkiller) but no relief was found. Kindly help to relieve me from pain and advise.

A:Normally pain should go away after the first sitting of root canal or at least it should decrease. Get an x-ray done to know if the right tooth is being treated. Also if all the canals of the tooth are not opened in the first sitting then the pain might persist. Better and correct dosage of antibiotic should be prescribed. Take a second opinion.


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