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How to control unhealthy sexual urge?

Q: I have a strange problem which I cant discuss with a doctor in person but am troubled due to this. I am a 24 year old youth with a high sexual urge towards young girls i.e. 12 to 16 years and I like to see their naked body and how their sexual organs are developing etc. Last year I met with a girl who is studying in class 7 i.e. 12 year old girl who was my student. One day I undressed her and saw her naked body but surprisingly next day she came to my house and asked me to have sex with her. After that I experienced sex with two of her classmates. But now I have another problem. I am working in a school where there are more than 15 teachers and I am the only male teacher. Now my hobby is to piss in their water bottles and seeing them drink the water containing my urine gives me some sexual happiness. I want to stop this habit but I cant.

A:Your problem is not simply a high sexual urge: Your desire for very young girls, and the excitement you get from seeing women drink your urine suggest that you are suffering from sexual perversions. It is imperative that you seek professional treatment at once. You are at risk of being arrested and sent away to prison, because your perversions violate the law. You must seek treatment from a professional sex therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist. It is probably also necessary for you to not continue teaching young children, for this work exposes you to temptations which will be very difficult if not impossible for you to control, until and unless you have treatment and are able to be cured. Treatment may help you discover the cause of your impulses, and you may be able to develop normal sexual urges. Be aware that besides putting yourself at risk of prison, you are harming children and your colleagues.


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