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How to control depression?

Q: I feel very depressed since the time I did not get admission to the college I wanted to study in. Now I feel like committing suicide. I feel that everybody is making fun of me and that my life is finished; I have no hope. I feel even my boyfriend is trying to get rid of me because he has started being friendly with another girl whom I know well. PLEASE SAVE ME. I cannot go to a doctor because my parents won't approve of it.

A:It is natural to feel dejected when we do not get what we are working hard for and to forget whatever we have achieved before this. But do not equate this one failure as failure of you as a person because you are much more than just what you do academically. When you are so pessimistic, it is very easy to misread how others are treating you. A person who does not stand by you when you need him most is not worth your attention. It is very good for you that he has shown his true colours now instead of after taking advantage of you. Believe in yourself because if you do not, who will. In the end it is not important where you study but what you do in life that matters. If you look around you will come across many persons who have lived exemplary lives and inspired others with their work without having an extraordinary tag in their biodata. Focus on your studies and believe in your capabilities. I feel you should go to a psychiatrist because this sadness may be due to depression and may require medicines. And please do not try to harm yourself because you have not committed a crime and you are very precious to everybody around you. Moreover, taking or giving life is not in our hands and you may end up in a worse state with a serious injury, handicap or damage your internal organs irreversibly and regret later. Do not be alone always but with your dear ones. Talk to your close friends. Indulge in your hobbies. Take care of yourself and let me know when you do well.


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