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How to control anger and depression?

Q: I have been a lonely child since I was 2 and my sister was born. I am 31 now. I am a very cheerful & optimistic person, but since childhood, I have seen that my father had a terrible problem with me. He used to hit me black and blue if I did not study. He used to abuse me like calling me ugly and cadaverous... later when I became 19 it went on ... whore & stuff. I have never felt loved in my family. The only person I love is my mother, but she rarely stood up for me. All these years slowly I have lost all respect for my father and have a pronounced inferiority complex. I am a very talented artiste but I am unable to work to my full potential. Lately, I lost my job and that has added fuel to my problems. Now my mother also has started calling me worthless and useless. I react very strongly and break things. They obviously call me mad and because of this I am afraid to get married. I have gone to a doctor and tried everything including Citopam, but my families behaviour doesnt change. How can I control my anger and stop reacting to their abuses? I dont want to get hooked to medicines. I just want my self respect and cheerful self back.

A:Perusal of history shows that you are on anti-depressant (citopam) and a lot of problems in relations to family. I suggest a family therapy session by your treating psychiatrist.


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