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How to bring the increasing eye power to a constant?

Q: My nephew is 11 years old and has eye power: right eye: -7.50; left eye: -5.50; cylindrical power = -3. His father and grand parents have eye power too. Will he lose his eyesight if his cylindrical power increases constantly? If the cylindrical power increases, will he not be able to undergo eye correction (Lasik) when he is 18 years old? What is the maximum power a Lasik surgery handle? Please suggest an exercise or medication, which will bring his power in control (constant). Due to this problem he lacks interest in seeing and doing anything.

A:The minus power in your nephews eyes is due just to abnormal shape and size of his eyes. This should not be considered a disease at all. Just as any organ in the body can have variation in size or shape. Moreover as he is of a growing age, this will continue to get worse for next 6-7 years and you should not be worried about it. This will not cause blindness or loss of eyes but he will have to wear correct eye glasses or contact lenses after having an eye test with an eye specialist every year. After about 20 years of age, he can have Lasik surgery to correct this but amount of possible correction varies from person to person and depends on corneal thickness and surgeon who is doing it. He should not read in dim light or very close. Hard gas permeable contact lenses are supposed to restrict increase in myopia. Good vision with lens correction should not stop him doing anything including reading, sports etc. Clever people usually have myopia and it could also be hereditary but he should not be so concerned about this condition.


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