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How to best manage panic attacks?

Q: What is the best treatment for anxiety neurosis? The following episode had occurred - Urine flow stopped for few hours in the night; left eye became inoperative for one day; left ear was attacked for 3-4 days; frequently stressful for some reasons. Currently, it gives high BP, palpitation, fear of getting attack. Sometimes it last for few hours to half a day, sometimes blood sugar is high whenever in stress. Sleep is not un-interrupted. Don't get sleep more than five hours at a stretch in the night.

A:Since the description of the symptoms is so limited, it is hard to be sure about what you are suffering from. My best guess is a series of PANIC ATTACKS. They are best treated by a combination of education about what is happening in the brain and the rest of the body that creates false alarms of heart attacks, etc., and also medications. The medications that are the most effective are the BENZODIAZEPINES such as valium and xanax, and the SSRIS, such as prozac. Also, psychotherapy to inquire into lowering stress, can be essential for recovery.


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