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How should one overcome social anxiety?

Q: I do not interact much with people because sometimes I dont know what to talk, I feel I may be wrong or may hurt someone. But on the contrary, Iam quite a chatterbox ont he phone with friends. Please help. This is really bothering me as everyone who I meet can interact so well, it gives me a complex.

A:There are people who have social anxiety, which means that when they intreact with strangers, or when they have to talk to important people they lose confidence, have anxiety and are unable to communicate. In this there is also significant apprehension that how would others evluate them, so the fear of making some mistake in front ot others makes the person very anxious to express his own self. Probably your anxiety is high when you have to interact with others, and things like what to talk and so on, start effecting your thoughts and you become more preoccupied with these issues that hider your interaction making you more anxious. And it is possbile that you talk on phone comfortably, as you are not in front of the person so less anxious, also with friends, whom you know, your apprehension about how others would evaluate you is not there making you relaxed and you are able to talk freely. Try and be yourself. Feel comfortable to express your thoughts, and minimise self evaluation in social network. You would benefit from learning social skills mainly communication techniques and assertivess skills from a professional. Also relaxation exercises or medications if indicated by your psychiatrist would help.


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