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How should I treat my crooked teeth?

Q: I am 27 years old. The two front teeth of my upper jawline are crooked and one of them overlaps the other. Food particles often get trapped inside the crevices. Lately I have developed cavity and have had to go for extraction. I take care of my teeth, brushing twice daily and flossing after every meal. I am worried about the condition of my teeth. Over the past few months, I have observed that the overlapping has noticeably increased. I want to stop this process and correct the alignment of my front teeth. I had consulted my dentist who advised braces. I am not satisfied with the suggestion as they are too noticeable and my job requires me to make presentations. I am looking for a corrective treatment that is affordable, effective and discreet. Is there any way to correct the problem? If yes, how long does the treatment take and what does it cost?

A:There are several treatment options if you are fit for orthodontic treatment. Lingual orthodontics is one of the methods being used by people. The time required for the treatment may vary from 1-3 years but only the orthodontist trained in lingual technique(braces on inner surface of teeth) can help you.


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