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How should I teach manners to my 5-year-old child?

Q: My 5.5 years old son intelligent and has performed well in his earlier classes. He is extremely confident and does very well in stage performances. But he is very stubborn and does not want to listen to the teacher though is fully aware of the consequences. He does not sit on his seat during the class and sometimes bursts into a song during the class. This irritates the teacher who goes to the extent of hitting him. Now the teacher is also so irritated that she does not want to recognise his talent or appreciate his efforts, which has resulted in further deterioration of their relationship. He does what he feels like and does not want to be bound in rules. He prefers to play or watch TV for long hours than to study. Please help.

A:It is quite normal for children of 5 years to be energetic and playful and to move around. Very few schools recognise this and that is the beginning of the problem. He needs a lot of physical activity. If the school does not provide it, you as parents must give him opportunities.

You should reduce his TV watching time. The kind of violence shown on the TV is not suitable even for adults.

You should spend a lot of time with him and by your own manners teach him those good manners. Parents should insist that consideration for others and listening to the advice of teachers is the best route for all children. His impulsive behaviour, like bursting into song in his class will certainly be considered disruptive. He must learn to exercise self-control.

Reward him with praise when he listens to you and when he does not, isolate him for a few minutes in one part of the room where you are present. Do not shut him up in a room or punish him by beating. Continuous talking and making him see sense is time consuming for you. Let him meet an older boy who is good in class and sports and have him explain how hard work helps for success.

Be imaginative and affectionate and most problems will get solved.


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