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How should I handle my son?

Q: I am a mother of a 15 years old son. My husband lives abroad. I am alone at home with my son. Recently I noticed him masturbating. He purposely keeps the door open and masturbates so that I can catch him. My problem is that I often feel tempted and feel like going to his room. At the same time I am also scared how disastrous this can prove. Please help me out.

A:You are right. Temptations can ruin our lives. It is very important for us to know and set our limits. Your son may be going through the normative developmental phase. He is exploring his own sexuality and trying to grapple with the hormonal, pubertal bodily and physiological changes. And of course the information influx. It is also possible that he is overwhelmed by the peer talk and the kind of information available in the media. The there also exist some commonly prevalent myths. More than anything else, what your son requires is firm direction, proper guidance, appropriate sex education and knowledge of right and wrong. Otherwise, he can risk getting lost in this whole new challenge of pubertal changes and adjusting to them.


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