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How should I deal with my economic and lifestyle problems?

Q: I am 27 years old. I am married and have a lifestyle and economic problems. I stay in Iraq where the lifestyle is very bad. I want to immigrate to Canada, but I cannot leave my parents, my brother & my sister here. Besides, I also have economic problems like I cannot pay home rents, as a high priced home needs bed sets, TV, etc. I am depressed due to this and life has become very difficult for me. I want a better lifestyle, a new land for the whole family, good economic conditions, no hard work, etc. I want to taste my life. Please advise.

A:There are some simple rules in life, which no one is above and clearly hard work to achieve success is among those. Its often that most people feel this way and you can use this positively to drive you. I realize that since completing a doctorate takes up years, you may be at the beginning of your career at the moment. It is essential to realize that to establish the lifestyle you require may take time and also that you have that kind of time and can plan ahead. As far as economic problems are concerned you cannot escape these but can employ techniques that may help you manage your money better or simply make an attempt to reduce your expenses. Meanwhile you can look out for opportunities and job prospects that allow you and your spouse to travel or as you call it taste life . I am not sure you are happy with your career, in this regard you may want to look at the possibilities that you have. Please try to discuss these issues with your family and you may find a solution or realize that your family may not want this change.


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