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How should I cope with life style changes after marriage?

Q: I recently got married and have come to a different house. There are so many changes in lifestyle over here. These people are too conservative and religious. I am always having some kind of stress because of the change in lifestyle. I want be able to concentrate on my sex life and enjoy it. Each night I have to plan for the next day and wake-up early to do various tasks that I have never done before. Really a hard life. My husband never complains but I am feeling that we won't be able to concentrate on our sex life. Will this thing affect our future in any way?

A:Marriage brings a lot of changes for most people and it seems as though the environment for you is very different from what you have been used to. That this may cause some stress is expected but there is no reason for it to affect your sex life. It may be a good idea for you to talk to your husband about your sexual needs and make sure that you de-stress and leave other issues to other times. Make sure that you spend quality time with your husband where as a rule you do not talk about stresses but focus on the relationship. This will create an intimacy that will complement sex. In case you feel that other issues are interfering and sex is getting a affected, please consult a psychologist.


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