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How much fluoride content in toothpastes is considered safe?

Q: I want to know how much fluoride (sodium fluoride) content is permitted in toothpastes? My toothpaste contains 950 ppm fluoride. It is written on the box that foaming fluoridated toothpaste contains 950 ppm fluoride when packed. My two kids are also using the same toothpaste. I live in Ahmadabad.

A:As far as fluoride content in the toothpaste is concerned, it can be upto 1100 ppm. If your children are not eating the paste and using only for cleaning teeth, use of fluoridated toothpaste is safe even in high water fluoride areas. Ahmadabad is not known for high ground water fluoride levels but many parts of Gujarat are. You can check the ground water fluoride levels with ground water authority in the city. If it is higher than 1 ppm then you need to defluorinate the water before using for drinking purpose.


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