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How does our society look towards people who work in X-rated films?

Q: I want to know about the way society look towards the people who work in X-rated films, their social life and how their social relationship develop with their children, wife or husband and so on.

A:A sexually repressed society, where all talk about sex is discouraged,such persons will be viewed through a moralistic screen. These persons are castigated socially whatever the personal views of the individual. Family persons fear for the moral corruption of their children and seduction of their spouses. People look for motives of such actors to work in x rated movies and may try to reform them. Young persons may admire them for courage involved in doing this as well as the sexual perks inherent in the job. A small minority may look at it as any other job and be non-judgemental. Consequently, their social life is restricted. The relation with the wife depends on the mutual understanding, adjustment and maturity of the couple and not the type of job. Children may face taunts and social isolation and therefore mental trauma needing lot of emotional support and sensitive handling by such parents. These persons are generally viewed as actors because many of these might graduate to working in other types of movies later.


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