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How do I overcome the feelings of uselessness?

Q: I am a 26 years old working girl. I was a brilliant student till my 9th standard and always topped my school but in my 10th exams I scored only 79% due to which my parents were disappointed and all the praise and pride they had in me disappeared. They constantly compared me with my peers, cousins etc and due to this I scored even more badly later in my life. I failed in my final year B.Sc. exam and cleared it after a few attempts. Everyday my parents would compare me and taunt me saying I had ruined their happiness and their expectations. I even tried committing suicide twice but was not successful. Recently, I got married against my parents wishes and they are not happy at all. My mom always scoffs at me and blames me for all the bad things in my family. I am going into depression and feel like I am in a shell. I try my best to smile but all this is creating a sense of depression and uselessness in my life and my personal life is also getting affected. I find my life worthless. Please help me.

A:Depression is a medical illness, and results due to chemical imbalances in the brain, and the events of our life can make it worse, or trigger an episode, but the biological factors are very important. It is important that you talk to a psychiatrist, and discuss your problem, as medications would be useful, once the diagnosis of depression is confirmed. Along with this, counseling(therapy) would be equally important.


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