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How do I let go of my past relationship?

Q: I have had a very abusive breakup. I am not able to cope with the emotional trauma after that, though I try to let go, the negative thoughts of what went wrong keep coming back to me. I hate the person for the bad things he did and his bad habits which led to the break up but at the same time his kind deeds towards me make me feel guilty. I don't want to go back to him and I have made my decision. My parents are searching for a groom and I don't feel confident whether I will be able to do justice to the new one. At times I fear that even this relationship would fail like the previous one. I feel that somebody's curse will ruin my life. I want my life back on track, please help?

A:I am not aware of how long it has been since your breakup but letting go takes time as getting over is not a simple process. You must realise that the past had some important lessons which you must learn, there will always be good things and bad things in a relationship but an equilibrium has to be maintained which is decided by you and in this case you have made your decision. Every relationship is different and will have its own dynamics, so take your time if you are not ready.


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