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How do I handle my husband's anger outbursts?

Q: My husband loses his temper sometimes and gets violent, hits me and throws me around. Last time this happened, I started bleeding from my nose. I have a son who is only 4 years old. We are not in India and have no family here; its just the 3 of us. He said he does it because he wants my attention and when I don't give it to him he gets upset day after day and then explodes. After the problem is sorted out, he is totally normal but at that time he is not himself. What should I do when he gets angry?

A:It will be wise for you to move out from the room and not argue at that time. Do take a psychiatric consultation. Talk to him when he is calm about this. If he does not agree, involve your physician who treated your nose bleed. These anger outbursts can be dangerous and can be treated. Likely to increase if you hide them. Do tell your and his family.


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