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How do I get rid of depression?

Q: I am 27 years old married women. I have one-year-old child. My problem is that I feel very low about myself. Due to this, I sometimes do not talk or socialise with others. Moreover, when I am feeling depressed, I don’t want to love my child and my husband. I usually cry and feel that all relations are meaningless and there is no point in living like this. My parents also don’t talk to me often after my marriage. I cannot tolerate advice about minor things from my in-laws and get angry. My anger sometimes ends up with beating up my child. I do not communicate much with my husband. He is very smart and educated. Sometimes, I feel inferior to him and think that I am not suitable for him. My husband often talks to his mother that he is not happy with me, which annoys me. When I am feeling low, I generally do not converse with my husband and this makes my husband anxious. He is very caring and my in-laws are also very caring but I feel that I am not good enough. After graduation, I did job and then after marriage, I resigned. I was unable to develop any skills during my job. Now I think that my education is also a waste. Every weekend I have fights with my husband and this is ruining my marriage too. How do I manage all these things?

A:You have not clarified how long you have been suffering from these moods. Since you have mentioned that you have a one-year-old baby, I suspect that your condition may be related to some hormonal changes that occur during and post pregnancy. Also having a new baby significantly increases the demands on the mother and it is possible that you are finding it hard to cope with this. You seem to have a mood related difficulty and the problems you are reporting are symptoms of this condition.

Talking is your best bet. Open yourself up to anyone you feel comfortable with. Share your thoughts and I would strongly recommend communicating effectively with your husband. You will find that this releases the stress. Through talking you may also be able to come up with solutions to some of the difficulties you are facing and you can put these into action. Another effort you can make is to engage in activities you find enjoyable. This will improve your mood and you are likely to then interact better with those around you.

If despite these efforts you do not feel better, then please consult a mental health professional.


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