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How do I control my anger?

Q: I always get angry over minor mistakes of not only my son, but also of anybody else. I have not yet reached the age of forty, but, still, I am suffering from high blood pressure, a minor heart-disease and also cholesterol. Isn't this due to my mental impatience? What can be best done by me to control my anger and hence, my cardiac abnormalities? Please do reply as soon as possible, for, my family members are distressed at my so pitiful a condition.

A:Your symptoms do not describe a mental illness, but they do describe a personality problem that causes problems in relationships with other people, and that can also cause stress-related illnesses such as heart and blood pressure problems. People with this personality problem may benefit somewhat from an anti-depressant medication, but the first treatment should be psychotherapy, also called counselling. For this treatment you should consult a psychotherapist. Most have been trained in either psychology or social work. The fact that you admit your problem is a hopeful sign. Awareness is the first step toward enlightenment and recovery. Now you must take responsibility to calm your nerves and your anger. Meditation and yoga may also be helpful for your condition.


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