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How compatible is a marriage where the man is younger than the woman?

Q: Is it good for a 28-year-old girl to marry a 24-year-old man? What problems may arise due to marrying a man younger in age? How will the maturity levels be adjusted between the partners? How will this affect their personal relationship and conception? Will this age difference affect them mentally? What are the pros and cons of such a marriage? Is it advisable to proceed or is it better to avoid marrying a younger man?

A:An age difference of four years should not effect conception, since it depends mostly on the woman's age. It is generally not advisable for women to conceive at an older age as it can cause complications for the baby. As far as psychological impact of the age difference between partners is concerned, it is an individual matter and highly subjective. Although the traditional belief is that since women mature faster a younger woman is more compatible, but this is not always true. Also, if both partners get along and are happy about the union, age difference should not be a matter of concern. Many men mature faster and tend to prefer older women and vice verse and this is just a matter of individual preference. The differences that do occur in the marriage, may also occur otherwise and should not be attributed to age difference alone. It however must be ensured that the maturity level of the partners is compatible.


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