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How can weakness of the optic nerve be managed?

Q: My 85 years old mother-in-law was unable to pass her driving license test. She has had glaucoma (but always kept under control) for the last 25 years. The doctor told us that she had weakness of the optic nerve and was prescribed stronger distance glasses 20/50. She had encephalitis at the age of 5 years and was blind for a week. Will homeopathy help?

A:The optic nerve would be working at lesser capacity. Please keep monitoring the eye pressures, and if there is a deterioration of eye condition. Driving may not be ideal, as the side vision will be lesser, and side vision is extremely important for driving. Get the visual fields done. 20/50 is a good vision for central viewing, but one needs to verify night vision as well as side vision. Homeopathy does not seem to have effect on any eye disease.


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