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How can we help our daughter deal with new surroundings?

Q: My 11-year-old daughter studies in an English medium school. We have recently shifted to a new city. She is having difficulties in interacting with her classmates. She wants to get along with them but they don't entertain her. She is gradually withdrawing in her own self and losing self confidence, which is slowly reflecting in her results. Her teachers don't have any complaint against her. She quarrels a lot with her younger brother. We are unable to handle this. Please advise.

A:Early adolescence can be a difficult time for most children, and for your daughter it is made more complicated with drastic changes in city, school, friends and medium of instruction. As a parent you can take certain steps: 1. Keep talking to her and listening to her. 2. Show your unconditional love, acceptance and support for her. 3. Keep in touch with her new teachers and make them aware of her problems. 4. Encourage her to make friends, but do not force her or criticize her if she does not take initiative. 5. Get professional psychological help, maybe from the school counsellor.


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