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How can one overcome the fear of surgery?

Q: Are there any treatments available specifically for overcoming fear of surgery? These could be conventional treatments like use of drugs or through counseling or unconventional like hypnotherapy/EFT etc. Are these options available in a place like Bangalore and if so, could you give some contact names?

A:Fear of surgery is a common fear, and most people have it to some extent or other. If this fear is related only to surgery and the person does not have any other fears earlier, then counseling, is good enough. Medications are not indicated, although anti-anxiety medications can be given for a few days prior to the surgery. But most important is the counseling wherein the fears are talked about and the patient is helped to handle them. Alternative methods are not required. In Bangalore, NIMHANS, the premier institute of psychiatry is there, and you can talk to any specialist there.


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