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How can my infertility be cured?

Q: I am a 24 years old woman and married for 3 years. My weight is 62 kg and height is 5 feet. I have gained some weight since marriage. Now I am trying to conceive. I have started facing some problem with my periods. I had my periods in 45 days about 5 months back. After taking several tests, the doctor told me that my ovum walls are little thick and then suggested a course for conception. I took some medicines and Corion 5000 + 5000 injection for my ovum walls. My sonography showed that the eggs were released but we failed to have intercourse by that time. Now we have been trying to have relations between 10th & 22nd day of the cycle but till date I have not succeeded. I have reduced 2 - 2.5 kg weight. What should I do to conceive? Should I wait for some more weight loss or should we again go for tablets and corion?

A:In all cases of infertility, both partners need to undergo investigations - The husband needs to have a semen analysis and a general check, and for the wife there are tests to be done step by step based on the history and examination. A little wait gain, with no irregular cycles, may not be the cause of infertility. For the cause to be established, tests like semen, blood sugars, VDRL (husband and wife) x-ray chest, ultrasound, urine test in the first visit, then tests like post coital test and tests for tube like HSG need to be done, The treatment depends on the cause found. Many patients do get pregnant while getting tested, and sometimes, a simple infection, maybe the cause, If there is poor egg formation, drugs to form eggs are given, if there is poor sperms, then that is treated. If tubes are blocked, then there is a different treatment like a tubal surgery or IVF depending on what kind of block and severity- so just to point out that the approach needs to be handled correctly and patiently. There maybe several visits to the doctor, for testing and treatment follow up.


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