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How can my friend regain peace and happiness in life?

Q: My 23 years old friend is going through a rough time. Whenever something good seems to happen to her, something goes grossly wrong and she is left shattered. She says that she can''t keep herself happy just for the sake of it. She was a perfectly normal and a fun loving girl until this sad phase came to her life. How can she regain peace and happiness?

A:Life has never been rosy for anyone. Every morning moves on to afternoon and then night. Things don't always go as planned. That is why one has friends and relatives and inner motivation to keep them going despite trying times. The key here is - that come what may, there would be a morning after night. This belief is what one has to keep up such that one keeps on moving ahead. However, sometimes when one starts getting bogged down with multiple problems and is unable to keep up the spirits, professional help can become useful like having regular sessions with a clinical psychologist. This can be effective by facilitating coping, and learning new de-stressing skills, which are, helpful to persist. However, if that is also not showing much response it may become important to further seek help with medications from a psychiatrist.


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