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How can my diabetic mother maintain her well being?

Q: My mother is 45 years old and is diabetic. She is takes tablets and undergoes medical check-ups very regularly. She also takes her food properly. She is free from blood pressure. Her blood sugar level is okay. But, she continuously feels tired, suffers a headache, vomiting, etc. She keeps on saying that she is not normal like others. I have consulted many doctors, but they provide solutions to precede that moment. They keep on saying that it is all because of sugar. If this is so, then why can't she be normal when her sugar level is normal? I am not satisfied with them. Why is her body not normal? What steps does she have to take to live like others? Does she have to change her lifestyle and diet?

A:Diabetes is a disease that affects all organ systems including digestive, cardiac, kidneys and nervous system. I am not sure how long your mom has had diabetes. For the whole duration how well has it been controlled? Has it affected her kidney function or her heart? If all her systems are generally healthy, I would suggest the following explanation/suggestions for improvement There are conditions called diabetic gastroperesis and diabetic neuropathy. In gastroperesis the food does not travel through the GI track very well and thus the sensation of nausea and bloating. There are medicines to help that condition. Exercise also helps. Diabetes can also cause depression. You may consider a trial of antidepressants to see if it affects her general sense of well being. Any regular exercise (walking for instance) will improve her sense of well being. The message you need to give her is that the more active she is the better she will do with her disease. In our culture there is a tendency to assume the sick role in response to any chronic illness. Tell her she is not sick, she has a condition that can be managed with diet, medicines and exercise.


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