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How can I take my mind off my love?

Q: I am an MBA student. During studies I got emotionally attached with a girl. Now the relationship has broken. One of my classmates also slapped me for this reason. I understand the ground reality, and want to concentrate on my studies. I feel very depressed, because if I again try to talk to her, it will become very harmful for me. I have cried a lot due to this. I don't want to think about it but I can't sleep properly. Most of the time, I automatically get tears in my eyes. I know it will take time, but how much? I think a lot and have a very strong memory. I don't have any good friends also after this incident. Nobody helps me. Please help me, as I have to study well.

A:You seem to be going through what is called as the grief cycle. This is very normal and is nature's gift to mankind to help us recover from any kind of loss. These crying spells are also a part of it. You may like to try some of the following ways to deal effectively with what you are experiencing. Take some time out to explore what you are going to miss and what aren't you going to miss. What are you angry about? What are you sad about? What do you fear this break up means? What was your part in the break up? What are you always going to love or appreciate about your ex-girlfriend? Use your emotions to move you on and find signals that can help you do so. Take the practical steps necessary to remove the reminders of your ex from your environment. Make a list of things that you would want to do and keep adding new things to it. Keep yourself involved in activities. And do try deriving some learning from the experience.


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